Monday, April 25, 2011

Singing on a swing

Tunic - Just Jeans, thrifted
Tank, skinny jeans (thrifted) - Mossimo
Flats - United Nude

I stripped this sheer tunicy thing off the mannequin. I always feel bad when I do that, but they always put the cutest things on them! If you watched my blog last summer, you know that I shun sleeves. I got all excited over this sheer thing because it let me cover up a bit more while still staying cool. It's already miserably hot in the afternoons. But this sheer tunic is going to be heavenly over a tank dress later on. A little looking on the tag shows that this is from 10/08, and the tag says "Thanks for shopping at Just Jeans ".

Today I opted for skinny jeans, but I'm planning to look for more non-skinny jeans next Saturday (May Super Saturday). I only have 4 pairs that I really like wearing, and two of them are skinnies. Boo. I hope I can find another good pair of wideleg ones or even a nice bootcut.

I'm still working around growing out my pixie cut. The sides take forever to grow and the back grows like wild fire. I've been doing some minor self trimming on the back and bangs to let the sides catch up. I need to go find some headbands until it gets to a more manageable length. But I kind of like what it's doing today.

(Also for those that are the praying type - D and I have received some tentatively good news. And while I don't want to jinx it, I could use all the good vibes right now)


  1. You were right to grab that tunic off the mannequin. It's fab!

  2. great look! and the color of your hair is stunning!

  3. Fabulous shirt! And I really love the cute flippiness of the hair today!

  4. Amazing tunic! This outfit is so super cute!

  5. I'd have nabbed that tunic, too! SO. CUTE. Love it. I also love your hair :)
    I nabbed a necklace off a mannequin last week. I kind of felt guilty, but it was too cute to pass up.

  6. The marketing mannequin worked :D That is very cute! Almost kimono-y! Hot in the afternoons? That's like foreign-language speak. Although I did see a beam of sunlight briefly today.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  7. What a great tunic. I hear ya on the miserable's like that here too!

    Good luck on your jeans search and I am sending some oms your way :)

  8. Sending good vibes to you! :)

    Great tunic. Looks great.

  9. I absolutely love that tunic! And you paired it so perfectly with the skinny jeans! I can't wait to see it over a tank dress in the months to come..I can tell it's going to be stunning!

    Loving your hair today! It looks gorgeous!


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