Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Belted Blazer

Linen Blazer - Sisley, thrifted
Loose Tee - Theme, thrifted
Belt - Rugged Warehouse
Skirt - A.Byer
Amelia boots - Miz Mooz
This blazer doesn't really even need a belt, it's so perfectly tailored. But I thought the belt helped pull in the darker browns. I have no idea why I'm drawn to cream/white/tans this season, especially since they wash me out. It's super gorgeous and sunny today. My spirits have lifted. Spring is definitely here to stay. What are you most looking forward to as the weather turns warm/cold (depending on your location)?

I even did a red lip today inspired by Hillary's latest post. I'm usually very paranoid about my lips looking small. I got this lipstick for a costume a year ago, but it's actually a pretty fabulous color.


  1. This entire look is a win. The belt is a GREAT way to tie in the dark boots, and I love the red lips!

  2. I'm looking forward to being able to eat outside on a patio.

  3. I can't get over how different you look with the lipstick on! Wow! Great job! Love the skirt and the boots.

  4. The lipstick looks great! I love this look - the colors are fantastic! I'm looking forward to not having to bother with poofy coats + carseat straps! Ha.

  5. I'm with Sally - this whole look, from lipstick to boots, is PERFECT. And I know you're growing out your hair, but I think it looks fabulous! I wish my hair looked that great when I've grown it out!

  6. The red lipstick actually works really well on you! I love it - you should do it more.

    This is a great look overall - I might have to steal this. :) Love the pop of turquoise.

  7. What a great blazer! And don't you think it's very steampunky? Especially with the belt.
    The boots are great, too.
    Add a different skirt and and different-colored shirt et voilĂ : A Steampunk Adventuress. :)
    Grab your goggles! ;)

    Again, you're inspiring me. Thanks!

    Sal K.


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