Tuesday, April 5, 2011

After the Storm

Dress - Old Navy new stock, thrifted
Harness - Audra Jean
 Boots - 8R Harness Frye
Jacket - target (years and years ago)

I picked up this fab little dress in my Saturday Super Haul. It wasn't really outstanding in terms of cut or color, but the crinkly gauzy fabric had me drawn straight to it (and summer). It was also a great piece to try some alterations on. I hacked off the hem and added a thicker strap - look out for the sew sunday on how I did it.

Today the sun is blindingly bright, as if yesterday's storm didn't happen. We came out fine: only some downed tree limbs and stuff blown into the yard. Hope everyone in the South Eastern area is okay and safe. I know some areas are still experiencing storms, take care!


  1. Cute dress. It will be so perfect for hot summer days. And I just adore that jacket!

  2. I'm glad you're all safe.

    I like that belt-thing. How do you call these?

  3. @ Sal Kaye - I'm going with what the original seller called it: A harness. But it's basically a wide belt with shoulder straps.

  4. I'm glad you're okay! It's so stormy everywhere. This year spring seems to be escaping everyone. Hopefully we'll be rewarded with a nice summer! Tis a great dress!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. Such a great mix of sweet and tough.

  6. I love the blend of the girly dress and the kickass harness...really, it's a very you outfit!!

  7. OK, I am inexcusably lame for not making the connection that you had bought one of Mark's harnesses. It looks FANTASTIC on you, and what a sweet, simple way to style it!


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