Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Tee - Faded Glory
Cardigan - Rugged Warehouse
Star Trek Pin - ThinkGeek, gift
Trousers - Gap, thrifted
 Flats - United Nude*

Spring Break starts today.. and apparently so goes the weather. I woke up today thinking of bicycles. I want to take a motorcycle/scooter course at some point - but with gas prices projected to skyrocket, a bike may be back on the menu. Might also be good for the exercise too. Anyone else bike instead of driving, public transport or walking?

I also had no clue what to wear today. I was getting pumped up getting away with light jackets and short sleeves. It's cold even in the house today. I've technically worn this combo before, but I updated it with black trousers and funky flats. I also added my Trek pin to hold the cardigan closed. I wished the tabs were real buttons.

I picked these up around the end of the year last year to replace my ratty Vans as "house shoes". I need hard soled house-shoes because I frequently end up 'just running outside' and destroying soft ones. These sci-fi croc-material flats have been perfect, I noticed they nearly matched my tee today so I left them on for outfit photos instead of my default black shoes.

*I'm receiving no compensation for this amazon link - but I'm linking in case anyone wants detail shots.


  1. Eeep! I had no idea United Nude was selling on Amazon. This is a dangerous bit of knowledge ... love those flats.

  2. I LOVE that bright blue/turquoise color on you! Plus with the stripes - I swoon. That's a fantastic cardigan and the cut of the trousers is really flattering. You look adorable and comfy at the same time!

    PS - Thinking about you LOTS today!

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  3. Those shoes are cray-cray in a good way. The color is amazing!

  4. Your flats are so cute hun! So, is that striped cardi!

    p.s. I love the disclaimer at the bottom!



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  5. What cool flats! I love the cut outs and the bright color! And I loooove that cardigan! The black and white stripes are perfect, and I love the cut of it!

  6. Super cute outfit! I love that blue and those flats are great! I have some friends that bike commute on a regular basis and love it, but I've not done that since I lived next door to campus during college. If you have specific questions, I can pass them along. :)


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