Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 Top - thrifted
Cardigan - Banana Republic, thrifted
Belt - Rugged Warehouse
Silk Skirt - vintage thrifted
Pumps - Fluevog

I've worn every piece here on the blog before. I do like the end result, but I'm not really thrilled with any of my outfits right now. Weather burnout. This is probably outfit version 6.0 or something. I don't want to go back to jeans/trousers every day because it's gone rainy and chilly. So tights and cardigans it is. I'm crazy in love with this shirt. It's got a metallic reptile print all over it.

I tried 'fixing' my bangs last night. I'm afraid it didn't help much. My hair is just going to go wacky wavy on me.

I'm also going to a number of Art Galleries this week. Any advice on what to wear?


  1. Call me weird ("Hi Weird!"), but I think your hair looks great in today's picture. The shape, the volume, the color = perfect. Seriously.

    I'm with you on the wardrobe blahs. I'm filled with Winter Won't End Ennui.

  2. Growing your hair out is a terrible just have to go with it. I love your top, Miss I-don't-do-animal prints! You've come over to the dark side! Art Gallery style? Comfortable shoes for walking and standing. And if you are doing any drawing assignments with it I would wear clothes that you can sit on the floor in, otherwise, anything your heart desires.

  3. @ Erin - lol thanks! I guess I just feel like it's not really "styled" anymore. I feel shaggy.

    @ Keely - Hah! I blame you with all your fabulous animals for converting me. I'll just be visiting (and making a few notes, but just looking). Will do on the shoes since we're visiting mutiple galleries and doing a ton of walking.

  4. I love the contrast of the fun shiny top with the more proper cardigan! And your hair ALWAYS looks awesome!

  5. Thank you for taking time to answer this! :)
    The paper really IS cute.


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