Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Confessional

Shopping Round 1:
Houndstooth Vest thing - $3.86
Real Snakeskin Belt - $1.34
70s bellbottom jeans - $6.74
Red Slacks - $3.86
2 tops - $2.11 each

Total: $19.71

Round 2:
2 skirts - $1 each
2 tops - 99p each
A sweater - $3
Total: $7.98

Dragoon Boots: $150
A pair of Frye 8R harness boots: $130

Try, try again in March. Aside from the boots, I actually did pretty well. Now to keep myself from shoe 'window shopping'. I'm planning to take a motorcycle/scooter/moped class and needed to get a good pair of bike boots (hence the Fryes). They've actually been on my wishlist for awhile, and I found a pair for "cheap". Plus I already blew my budget for February.

D and I did have a trip tentatively planned for February that fell by the wayside. Between work and school, we're lucky to have free time to rest these days, much less time to run off to Vegas/NYC for a concert. Hopefully we can still work out our other plans for this year though. I'm looking forward to the Nashville Art Crawl and maybe a trip to a local B&B.


  1. You do fabulously well on finding cheap clothing, Megan. It kind of all balances, doesn't it? :)

  2. @ Sheila - Definitely. I've thought about doing a write up how all my clothes are really cheaply bought (even the quality stuff), but I focus on paying for "good shoes".

  3. Investing in good shoes, particularly boots, is always worth it. Your feet will thank you. I think you did pretty good overall!

  4. You really know how to find great deals! I pride myself on finding a good bargain but I think you might have me beat!

  5. Looks like a pretty good month. But I find investing in shoes to be a completely reasonable thing. ;) Sorry about the trip that fell through, the other stuff sounds like a lot of fun though! :)


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