Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sew Sunday - Minor Projects

Trench Sleeve-hem
Having a sewing machine is great for creating new stuff - but more importantly, making the stuff I own more awesome/fitted/work for me. First and foremost, I zipped the sleeves off my new Oscar de le Renta sweater and took in the sides to make it less boxy.

Then I took up the sleeves on my yellow trench and hand sewed an X-shaped stitch.

I had a failed attempt with a pair of thrifted trousers. I wanted to alter them into a pair of capri shorts but the vintage fabric was too fragile/dry-rotted and tended to rip.

Hot glue, girl's best friend

In the craft non-sew area, I came across a skirt I bought for a rave. It was wildly too short to wear in everyday settings, but I loved the fabric it was made of. I've been thinking of covering my white headband with fabric. I whipped out the hot glue gun and not only covered my headband but part of my big white belt as well! (plus a few burned fingers, yipes)

I even have enough leftover fabric and the zipper from the skirt to make a small change purse. Hot glue isn't the most stable of media, but it's better than boring pieces languishing away in a drawer.

It's amazing how just a few minor changes can drastically change how an item looks and how you respond to it.


  1. what a great idea! love that! (the hot glue over the belt!)


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