Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Linus Dress - All Saints
Tee - Faded Glory
Fishnets - Target
October Boots - Miz Mooz
Star Trek pin - Thinkgeek, gift

I wanted to go Treky again today. The great thing about this black dress is how versatile it is. Layer it up, undo buttons, alter the buttonholes used. My pin kept the neckline from slipping around. The weather was downright gorgeous today compared to how it's been. I saw the sun! Well it was also raining, but it was a balmy 47F. I know it'll turn again before turning into spring, but it brings a great hope to my winter blues.

In the interest of Science*, I want to pose these questions to my readers:

How in the world do you keep slingback shoes on your feet? Am I the only girl in the world who fails at wearing them?

How do you keep from ripping your tights on your boots? I ruined these fishnets after 3 wears because my boots, my purse (metal details) and everything seemed to snag them like crazy.

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  1. Other than tall socks over them that's the only way I prevent boots but yeah they get caught on everything. For sling backs I put a little piece of moleskin or these gels thin pads in the back they sell just for slingbacks at Dsw or target.


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