Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mixed Review

 Key - freebie
Tee - swapped
Jeans - NY&Co
Boots - Fly London

I expected some mixed reviews when I wore today's outfit. The vest has an odd deconstructed look which many (family) members, I know, are not a fan of. Something about this, though, reminds me of the people from Abydos from the original Stargate movie or maybe something from one of the Post-Apocalyptic type video games that D plays. For those reasons, it got put on my Christmas list.

Ultimately, I really loved today's outfit. The comfortable layers with jeans and boots to walk in. Oh! I also realized today that the black jacket I received as a Christmas gift from my grandparents has nearly identical type snaps.

I've also been thinking about my ban for this month. I'm considering not even allotting myself the budgeted $20 for this month. It doesn't seem fair to shop when I will be getting birthday gifts. I haven't actually wanted to shop since Christmas. Window shop, yes. But I haven't wanted to actually lay down the dollars for any new thrifted clothes or shoes.


  1. I won't lie, I have to give it a mixed review. Initial reaction was: "uh-uh". But on second glance, it started growing on me. I can't do the asymmetrical thing on me (I'm THAT type A) but I'm hoping that might change, since I'm very jealous of people (like you) who can wear it confidently!

  2. I love that vest! I think it gives your whole outfit more visual interest :)

    Good luck with your no shopping ban. I find that when I say absolutely no shopping I want to shop even more!

  3. I completely adore the vest!

  4. Very cool vest! I did have to take a second look, like Cara, to really enjoy it. But it's very unique and I can imagine you remixing it a ton. And the fit is lovely.

  5. And the snap detail is really amazing!

  6. I love that vest is a little different, it's a lot more interesting than the "typical" vest! And I love love love almost anything asymmetrical! Very awesome outfit :)

  7. The vest is awesome. Reminds me of video games indeed XD Cute outfit, definitely looks comfy!! Perfect for a day of running around!

  8. That vest is very cool! I love it! Fabulous outfit! And I love the color of the boots too! Great post-apocalyptic chic look! ;)


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