Friday, January 7, 2011


 Sunglasses - Rugged Warehouse
Tee - Kohls (years ago)
Belt - TJMaxx
Skirt - Hugo Buscati, thrifted
Boots - Nine West, altered

Today's inspiration is subtle - Basic geometric shapes.  Round circles sunglasses (picked up for a laugh, but I ended up loving), rectangle belt buckle, and triangular pointed toe boots.

I finally found solution to this skirt, which is always an inch shorter than I like. Add a slip with a lace hem.

The Friend Friday topic is intriguing today. I don't often respond to the questions here on my blog because other bloggers tend to reflect my own answers just as well (e.g. Melissa and Keely ). I think of my blog as my source of expression through fashion, art and craft. I try to always cite my sources of inspiration. I try to always speak from my own voice, be my own person, explore new possibilities.


  1. This outfit totally reminds me of Mondo from Project Runway...(the previous season??). Mixing prints! I like how the lacey hem of the slip softens the suit-like pinstripe!

  2. YOU look hot in this outfit. I love the idea of a slip with a lace hem peeking out from under a shorter skirt! Now I feel compelled to go find a slip with a lace hem.

    You do such a great job of speaking from your own voice and being your own person. And I like you. So it just stands to reason that I like your blog too. :)

  3. I love the pattern mixing! I would not have thought that the lace peeking out was a seperate slip, it looks really cute :)

  4. Love the slip under the skirt. I looks like it was made for it. I also like your summarizing of FF. Sometimes I just don't want to answer all the questions either.

  5. I like the different textures and patterns! I've tried the lace slip underneath but can never get it to stay correctly. I've resorted to sewing lace ribbon onto my shorter skirts. You can't tell that your lace isn't part of the skirt.

    Just discovered your blog. Bookmarking for now.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  6. This looks like something straight out of the Matrix! Very cute and I love the touch of lace!

  7. I love those boots!! Too cute! And the sunglasses are fabulous, especially in this outfit! I definitely love all this geometric inspiration! :)


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