Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maggie Moos

 Hat - Target, gift
Prescription Sunnies - Anne Klein
Coat - Espirit
Argyle Sweater - NY&Co., thrifted
Jeans - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Eject, ebay

Forget Marble Slab, Baskin Robbins, or Cold Stone... Maggie Moos is where it's at. Fresh made ice cream where cheesecake flavor tastes like what it is. Unique flavors like fresh Banana, Cream, or Pink Peppermint make me swoon. Hubs picked up a groupon so we went and enjoyed some awesome ice cream. I also got a hair cut and hit the VS semi-annual sale (Per shopping ban rules: Underwear does not count, and I made sure to hit the sales and to purchase based on need, not want).

I thought I'd finally get around to showing off the gorgeous and lux coat that the marvelous Keely sent me in December. We did a swap, but this coat! She graciously sent me. It's leather with faux-fur lining. It's super snuggly for cool days that don't require my huge plaid coat.

The hat was a Christmas gift. A good foil to my grey cloche of last year, which I also still wear occasionally. I'm quickly warming up to hats. I've always loved them, but never found any that I felt suited me. Thankfully that's changing a bit.


  1. I wanna try your ice cream place!

    You've got some terrific outwear going - that jacket looks so warm and cozy!

  2. Sweet hat! So glad you like the coat. Oh, and now I'm craving ice cream.:)

  3. MMM ice cream... O sorry, I got distracted. I love the hat, with the sunglasses you look like a spy. It's kind of bad ass :)

  4. Fabulous outfit! The hat rocks too! And that sounds like a fun day! We'll definitely have to check out Maggie Moo's! :)

  5. MAGGIE MOOS! I miss it. I lived really close to a Maggie Moos in Columbus, but they don't have Maggie Moos in Texas.

    I guess I will have to console myself with Blue Bell instead.

  6. he he - next time you're in sebastapol, ca, check out screamin' mimi's! fresh, homemade ice cream in all the standard flavors + rose, lemon verbena, etc. they also have a couple of bulletin boards featuring present and past dogs and cats of the month.

    cloches really suit you! and don't forget you can tart 'em up with scarves and pins to get new looks(with your new machine scarves'll be a snap!). happy new year!! steph

  7. You look so adorable in all of your accessories today, the hat and sunglasses are just so chic and fabulous! And I loooove that coat, what a great swapped piece!

    I've tried Maggie Moos once but I wasn't really impressed :/ Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing, I'll have to try it out again:) I tend to be a loyal Cold Stone fan even though I think they are way overpriced.


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