Monday, January 10, 2011

January Confessional

Middle Tennessee (and various parts of the South) are currently experiencing what I call a "Blizzard". I had an outfit for today, but instead - a confessional. Because I am fighting a cold and going out in the snow is a bad idea.

Okay, so the whole not-shopping-because-it's-my-birthday-month? Yyyeah, about that. Eek was spot on the money saying "I don't need to shop" turns into *SHOPSHOPSSHOP*. Goodwill happens to have a 50% EVERYTHING day every once in awhile. And I got sucked in last Saturday. Here's how I stacked up:

Red and Black vintage sweater dress: $3.99

Red Polyester shirt : $2.14

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta (!?!) Spring Sweater: $2.99

Express Dark Pink Trousers: $2.14

Total: $11.30
Unspent:  $8.70

Not bad at all. I would have gotten more, but I used my better judgement to weed out the less than stellar pieces. So I came out with four amazing pieces that will work wonderfully in my wardrobe. And c'mon, it's not everyday I run up on designer labels for $3, even for a super-thrifter like myself. I didn't even feel bad removing the odd sleeves and taking it in a bit to make it less boxy.

To throw me further for a loop, the red top above seems to be from a Canadian company called Citrine . It's amazing to think about the story that might be behind these clothes. The red and black dress will be perfect for Valentine's or my anniversary coming up.

The great thing about January's shopping - Color! I often come out of any store with black, black striped, black blocked (see above dress), or grey. I'm trying to punch more color into my rotation.

I will do a birthday-present update post sometime next week as a part of my spending "confessionals".


  1. That sounds like an awesome shopping trip! I need someone to go with me because I tend to not really know what's designer and what isn't. I'm designer ignorant.

    I can't wait to see you wear all of these different pieces! And I hope you're having a happy birthday month!!! :)

  2. I don't think it counts as shopping if you spend less than a movie and popcorn! I can't wait to see these pieces in action, especially those dark pink (!!) pants. They look similar to the light pink ones I own.

  3. That is an awesome haul. I forgive you for shopping even though you said you wouldn't... I know I can't that's why I never say I won't, I'll just try not to. Also, things (like birthdays) come up!

  4. Are you kidding me?!?!?! $2.99 for an OdlR sweater?!?!? Get outta town!!

    Call Me Ishmael

  5. It is frustrating, trying not to spend money... that's always when the good stuff comes up!

  6. Awesome score! Designer label for $3! Very cool. I do think what you're doing will probably make it easier to bear. A little bit of shopping can go a long way. (Especially with your awesome thrifting skills!) :)

    And that's also a complete bummer about the blizzard!


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