Monday, January 3, 2011


Cowl neck sweater - Express
Dress - All Saints
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Tights - Target
Shoes - Fly London, amazon
Earring - convention
First outfit I really felt like putting together. I bounced ideas off D until I finally pulled this out. I really wanted to wear these tights I got for Christmas. Between the pattern tights and loud belt, I settled on my D10 earring as my only jewelry for today. The earring came from an artist vendor at a convention from a few years ago. I was digging through the guy's bowl of dice (all drilled to be attached to jewelry) and came across a clear glittery D10. I couldn't find a match, so I asked if he'd sell me one earring.

I also grabbed some inspiration from the auspicious Audi and layered my cowl necks. I didn't have another red layering shirt so I tried it out.

Target tights - How I love your cheap cute designs.. But your sizing, wtf. These tights are a "tall", they were the last pair in this pattern when I was helping the MIL grab Christmas gifts for me and hubs... but I figured if they don't fit no big deal. I'm actually glad because these run super small!

Also in case I haven't said it here (enough), my birthday is in 2 weeks! My 21st birthday. I usually could care less about my birthday, but this year is gonna be special. 2011, here I come.

Making this extra long - Check me out on Kimberly's Fashion Calendar for January, 1/14!


  1. I love the slouchiness of the dress and shirt, they go together perfectly! Those tights are super cute :)

  2. LOVE! The pattern-y details, the bold red and black, it all just works.

  3. Fun fun tights - me loves :)

  4. So pretty! I love those tights - I need to wear them again. And the double cowl? What a great idea. 21. I hope you have some fun things planned.

  5. I love the patterned tights!! EE and those shoes! You always look fabulous in black and red!

    Happy early 21st!! exciting!

  6. Super cute!! I love the tights, and layering the cowl necks is really fun! How awesome to have just one D10 as an earring too! And congrats on making the inspiration calender! And yay for the 21st birthday! I hope you have an AWESOME one! :)


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