Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guilt Shoes

Tie top, Jeans - NY&Co
Tee - Old Navy
Shoes - Fly London, via amazon

Even though I have bought numerous pairs of shoes within the past couple of months, I ended up finding my "holy grail" shoe: a red mid heeled shoe with a closed toe. I found them on Amazon Warehouse. Slashed prices always get me. I'm now banning ebay and amazon from my computer for the rest of 2010.

Even though I cleared out many, many shoes, these are still my guilty shoes. And I decided I could either let them sit in a box being a big waste of money, or I could just get over it and wear them to my heart's content and make them worth it.

My shoe count is now 18 pairs, including the pair I still have up for swap. I think that's a good comfortable number. I like things divisible by 3.

My 3 good thoughts for the day:

1. Corned beef sammiches for lunch
2. Lego Harry Potter on the PS3
3. Perfect weather

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Sheila

Sheila and her adorable kitty, Inigo

Today is the Super Stylish Sheila's birthday, so head over to her blog, Ephemera, and wish her a happy birthday!