Monday, December 6, 2010

Pixie Power

 Green skirt/dress - One Clothing, thrifted
Olive fishnets, Cardigan, Belt -  Rugged Warehouse
Earrings - Claire's
Bracelet - gift from Sarina
Boots - Miz Mooz, via endless

This outfit is part protest - part excitement. It snowed yesterday and a bit today. Nothing like anyone else is getting.. it melted, but it's stayed gross and cold. The green and browns are to pump some color into my life. The inside pictures are because.. well it's gross and cold outside.

Now onto the excitement~ This is one of the new-to-me skirts I got last week. I realized that it worked pulled up as a dress. I've done similar looks here and here. I'm honestly not certain if it's supposed to be a strapless dress or a skirt. The seaming could suggest either way. I think it'll be fun to restyle as a dress in warmer weather.

I got the olive fishnets a couple weeks ago and couldn't come up with a good outfit to wear them with. They ended up nearly the same shade as the skirt. I think I like the idea of fishnets. This pair was $1.99 so I wouldn't be wasting a ton trying them out. I'm maybe planning to order some in white or beige. I added brown wool socks are under the boots for extra cozy warmth.


  1. AWESOME. My favorite outfit of yours ever, lady!

  2. Fabulous!! I love this outfit! Its very creative too! And those fishnets are pretty cool too! Ooh, I've always thought it was a neat look when people layer colorful tights underneath fishnets too! And I've seen some pretty fabulous looks with nude fishnets too! But this outfit is really fantastic as it stands! (Although its so cold here right now that the thought of fishnets is just kinda freezing me!) And I get so frustrated when I can't decide if something is a skirt or a dress! And I love the doodle, a perfect match to the look you've created! Stay warm!! :)

  3. Gorgeous look. I love the fishnets :) The doodle is perfect too!

  4. So gorgeous in green! I love the hemline of the dress and the doodle is fabulous too!

  5. You look SO freaking awesome in this! I love it!!! The black and green are great, the fishnets are great, belts always make me happy and your hair looks fabulous!

  6. I Love this!!! You look like an equally adorable and sexy lady-peterpan!

  7. SO adorable! I just love it all! That skirt/dress is awesome!

  8. This is an awesome outfit! That skirt/dress looks AMAZING on you, green is a good color for you girl! And I can't get over those fishnets...they look so good in green!


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