Friday, December 10, 2010


 Cardigan - Banana Republic, thrifted
Dress - All Saints
Leggings - gift
Pumps - Fly London, amazon
Belt - Betsey Johnson

I'm having a little day off before going back to studying. I'm pretty psyched about finals this semester. I feel really confident. Also.. finals is a bit of a misnomer, more like "final". I finished up my last big project for my psych class which counts as our final. Now I just have to show up for the other presentations and then take my English final.

I had such a good little thrifting trip that I had to plan outfits around my new pieces right away. First up is this cardigan. It's a light silvery grey. 100% merino wool. By Banana Republic. It would have run me about $70 retail... I paid: 99c. Score! It is one of the warmest and softest things I own.

I wanted to wear my black dress. Instead of tights or thin leggings - I have these things. They are basically like sweat-pants only in leggings form. So ultra-thick and warm.The only way they could be better is if they had a foot-covering area.

I want to fill today with some amount of productiveness, so I'm thinking of doing a Doodle Week! Every day of next week will be accompanied by a doodle. This will help me by both pre-planning my outfits for the week AND by giving me something fun to do today. Just need to sit down with the Weather Channel to start planning.


  1. I always have to plan new outfits around new purchases right away! I can't wait!

    Wow, what a score on the cardi! That is just lovely! And why do my thrift stores not sell ANYTHING for 99 cents?? That's outrageous.

    I love the Doodle Week! Your doodles are awesome.

  2. Those... legging things sound pretty awesome!! And I love this outfit! (And that deal is just too awesome! Seriously?) I love the colors too! And good luck with your lone final! And yay for a day off! Have fun planning your outfits! Your doodles are too awesome! :)

  3. I find it amusing that I was reading about your English final when I got a phone call from a prof asking me to invigilate an English final!

    I'm looking forward to the "doodles"... I think doodle is down playing their awesomeness!

  4. @ Cara - thanks so much! I refer to them as "Doodles" because I don't put nearly as much time and effort into making them "perfect". They remain sortof sketchy and messy. They've gotten a little more complete since I started doing them digitally.

  5. Oooh, I love this! I think I say that about every one of your outfits, each one becomes a new favorite of mine. :)

    I don't understand how people can keep things in their closet for months with tags on - when I buy new pieces, I have to wear them right away (after I wash them, of course!).

  6. This is really cute. I love the black and gray together and the pops of red. Good luck on the rest of your finals.

  7. That cardi is such a great find! I love the doodles, I'm excited to see more :)


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