Friday, December 17, 2010

Doodle Week: Day 5

L/S Tee - swap
Diamond Tee - Etsy
Cords - rummage sale
Pumps - Poetic License, ebay

Final day of Doodle Week! Don't forget my Doodle Giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm CST. I'll be drawing a winner tonight!

Pants all week.. I felt a bit boring with this. I need to wear a skirt! Thankfully it looks like Monday will actually be above freezing. I love these corduroy pants. I mean, they were $3! But they are way too long for 99% of my shoes. See them eating my purple pumps. Layered up some light shirts because I'm just staying home today.

I'm way exhausted. I spent half the night drawing because I don't often get much time for actual art during the school semester. I'm hoping to get some more time to draw today. And of course, work on the doodle winner's piece. Don't forget to enter!


  1. I love this look.
    It's current yet it takes me to the 60s ..... maybe its the colors, but whatever it is, its fabulous.

  2. Super cute!! I love the colors and the layering! Sorry to see the pants eating those fabulous shoes though! (But for $3? Who can go wrong...) And yay for having time for art! Sounds like a great way to celebrate the winter break! :)

  3. You have to best blogger at layering and finding amazing deals! #3 for pants!? Amazing! I am loving the warm colors in this outfit..beautiful!

  4. I love the layering, the extra fabric under the patterned top helps it transition into the brown pants, IMO. I love those colors together, and the fabric on the pants looks cosy.


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