Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doodle Week: Day 4

Wool Cardi - Banana Republic, thrifted
Cami - NY&Co
Black Pants - Gap, thrifted
Boots - Fly London, amazon
Earrings - from Keely

Day 4 brings rain. By now that snow on my porch has melted into icy grossness. So I've bundled up in my grey wool cardi, layered my super soft wooly socks under knee high boots, and am dealing with the static from this red top for now. I ended up awake way too early and am already drooping before noon. Maybe I can get a nap in! Haha!

I didn't realize/remember these pants were thrifted. They had the original tags still on them. These are my "perfect" black pants. You know the ones everybody searches for? I found mine for 99c.

It's 9 days til Christmas! Hubby's sister and her family, brother and his family, and maybe a nephew or two will be coming by this weekend for their annual Dirty Santa game. It's probably the one holiday tradition that I actually enjoy. I don't have any parties or anything to go to this year, but will be doing local family visits to mom, grandparents, etc. Are you going to any holiday parties this season?

Edit @ 10: 37am - I had part of this post pre-written along with the doodle pre-uploaded, and it turns out everyone is thinking about holiday (work) parties today!


  1. You look so pretty and festive! I can picture the top and cardi with tights, skirt and boots or your red heels if you had a holiday party to attend. Love those earrings on you too!

  2. I love the gray with the red - and I think the color of that cardigan really shows off your hair color!

  3. Super cute!! I love the earrings too! And those are some pretty fabulous black pants too! Dirty Santa can be a lot of fun if the people playing do it right! (I really love it when people keep a "running" gift too, that gets "regifted" every year...). We went to one party last weekend, and some friends are having an impromptu informal get together this weekend that will be a little festive in light of the holidays! The rest our plans are the usual family visits as well! :)

  4. @ Matt - D's family did have a brass "genie lamp" that was re-gifted every year. Until someone finally claimed it!

  5. What awesome earrings! Love the colors you have going on. Very classy and festive looking.

    Go find a long scrap of material. The wire headband is seriously sooooooo easy. I don't do complicated projects; it's not in me!

    Call Me Ishmael

  6. Such a classsic, elegant look. Your earrings are stunning! And I can't believe you found those pants for just 99cents! I want to shop with you :)

  7. Love the doodle of your outfit. Very cool. I've got a holiday party today and tomorrow! Yayy :)

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  8. You look so fabulous in red! And what an amazing find those pants were for 99 cents!

    As much as I love the holidays, I hardly ever go to Christmas parties anymore! But on Christmas Eve my whole family, extended and all, are going out to dinner so that's definitely something I'm looking forward to!


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