Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doodle Week: Day 3

Tee - Gap
Cardi - Rugged Warehouse
Jeans - LOFT
Shoes - Vans
I'm done! I'm finished! My last final was last night and I blazed through it. I feel very confident about finishing up this semester. Today is all about relaxing. I'm planning to make some teriyaki pork medallions with steamed rice and maybe some yummy brownies for dessert. I'm then going to read and watch bad tv all day without guilt that I should be doing homework - because I have none!

This week has become a skirt-less week. It's cold. I'm running out of tights: I sent one pair in a swap, found a run on my solid black tights, I think my count is now at 3 including fishnets . I'm overdo for an order to sockdreams. I made a run by Rugged Warehouse where they have $1.99-$5.99 tights and they were pretty much cleaned out. I hope I can find a few good pairs because winter is just starting and having an all-pants winter does not sound like fun.

I really love the layering of this look. It's not really a going out of the house look, but it's perfect for puttering around the house.


  1. I love all yyour recent doodles!!! Your drawing style is amazing... I wish I could produce the same, but I'm useless without croquis.
    And yuuuuuum! pass some of those pork medallions my way!
    Gorgeous as always xo

  2. @ Melrose - thankyou! I finally got tired of redrawing a base every time so I have a digital template I drew that I use to keep some doodle consistency. It also makes things go a lot quicker.

  3. Yay for finishing up with finals! I love your outfit! Super cute! And the doodle is great too! And dinner sounds great too! Have fun with the bad TV! :)

  4. Congrats on finishing your finals! Now you can relax. Your doodles look great :)

  5. Awesome house look - I especially love your Vans!

  6. I love the stripes and the checkboard mixed together! Congrats on being done with finals :) Good luck finding new tights... I would be lost without them.


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