Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day behind

 Purple tee - from Keely
Toria Cowl - All Saints
Jeans -  NY&Co
Boots -  Miz Mooz October, ebay

Many of my photos are going to be running a day behind this week. Finals are next week so I'm a bit disorganized. This is yesterday's outfit. Lots of layers for a day that didn't get above 30F. Knee high boots, thick socks, favorite jeans. Layered tops.

I did a little shopping and ate Chinese food yesterday. I'm nomming my leftovers for lunch. Nearly done with my Christmas shopping, still gotta find something for my mom (Who's impossible to shop for). Aaand my computer is making a lovely grinding, jet engine noise so I apologize if I don't get to my blogroll today.

Go check out Hillary's look today! It's very similar to my Bumblebee look (Though technically her look came first!). I love her stripey scarf!


  1. I love these two tops layered like this! Reminds me of Eek's look today too. Although...yours is from yesterday. Whatever. :)

    You look fantastic but the purple one doesn't look particularly warm! I'd be freezing!

  2. @ Melissa - the blue one is a wool blend, plus I had a coat so I stayed cozy. =D

  3. Super cute!! I'm loving the layers! Its freezing here too! I've stayed inside today, but I think I'm going to have go out eventually! I hope your computer is okay! Good luck with the studying and classes! :)

  4. Your cowl top is gorgeous! I went to an All Saints store in SF...drooling the whole time!

    P.S. I am thinking finals are more important than blogging so good luck :)

  5. Good luck with exams! You'll have lots of time over the holidays to blog. :)

    Love your layered cowl...will definitely try that.

  6. I love your layering! You always put together the best color combinations :)


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