Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas giveaway:

It's that time again!! I'm giving away: One digital doodle drawn by me for one lucky winner. The doodle can be one of my fashion doodles drawn from one of your photos OR a holiday themed doodle! This will differ from my previous giveaway - the Doodle will only be in digital format (nothing will be mailed, only emailed). Anyone can enter, even if I've drawn a doodle for you in the past.

The contest runs from now, December 4th, 2010 to 11:59pm Friday, December 17th 2010.

How to enter:
- Be a follower of Megan Mae Daily
- Tell me your favorite thing about the winter holidays
- Leave a valid email address (entries without will not be entered!)

- Additional bonus entry: Twitter about this giveaway and tell me about it.
- Super bonus triple threat: Blog about this giveaway and link me to it in a comment.


  1. oh yay! I love your doodles!
    My favorite thing about the winter holidays is shopping for presents! I love picking things out that are perfectly suited to everyone's personalities!


  2. You're fashion doodles are so awesome!!

    My favorite thing about the holidays is finding a fireplace, and christmas lights, and watching them in the dark!

    And my email address is :)

  3. Ok I'm gonna enter this one...if I win maybe you can still do a headless doodle of me since I never show my face lol :)

    My favorite thing about the holidays...I love so much about them! I guess I would say all of the traditions my family shares is my favorite thing, and of course the sense of peace and charity.
    (the 0 in that e-mail is a zero not an o!)

  4. @ Matt & Shygirl - I've got a few creative ideas if one of you or another anon blogger wins. ^_~ I wanted to be able to include everybody in this giveaway.

  5. I am a follower now, I love your doodles! What I like best about the holidays is the look on everyone's faces when they open their gifts... Generally they are happy and surprised :)

  6. I'm sorry I forgot my email address

  7. I love getting really good presents for other people and seeing their joy and surprise when they open it!

  8. Just tweeted also:

  9. Sorry, sweetie. It's musicishername at gmail dot com.

  10. Your doodles are fabulous! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I win again :)

  11. oops - I forgot to mention my favorite thing about the holidays - receiving Christmas cards!


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