Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Little Secrets

 Sweater - Rugged Warehouse
Tee - Mossimo, thrifted
Shorts - F21
Boots - Miz Mooz October, ebay
Yes I've been wearing these boots everyday since they came in the mail. I lurve them.
The marvelous Melrose tagged me in her "7 Confessions," so now it's my turn! And as per protocol I attempt to  tag 7 bloggers as well!

1. I stay up really late to watch certain shows.. At one point I was staying up all night to watch re-runs of Angel and Charmed on TNT at 3am to 6am. Currently I'm watching Star Trek: Next Gen at 1am as a compromise. I don't watch as much tv as I used to, and I miss it. D= I'm such a tv junkie.

2. I'm soooo not a dog person. I had nearly every animal (that could live in an apartment) growing up as a kid, except a dog. I dislike their need for 'pack mentality', and I'm currently living with my in-laws who have an extremely aggressive and stinky dog. I have grown to like my friends' dogs, especially my friend M's golden retriever who recently passed away from cancer. Bless his little heart. I always try to give dog's the benefit of the doubt, but any future home of mine will 99% have kittens.

3. Since I wear glasses all the time, I got prescription sunglasses - but I always feel like the biggest jerk if I have to go into a store and leave them on to actually... well, see.

4. I don't have any 'vices'. It's not really a confession, but I don't smoke, drink or any 'extra's. Being a supertaster/intense sense of smell, I can't stand the smells or tastes. I guess my biggest vice is I always use real sugar, real butter and full fat milk.

5. I have wasted entire days playing facebook games. I know they're pointless, most of my friends don't play them, but I've spent at least a whole day on two separate occasions playing a FB game. (Even Sims3 would be a better waste of time! And I own that game!)

6. Despite my "engrish" blog name and art style that tends toward anime style, I'm actually not a big anime/Japan fan. I used to be and "waifu" was part of an inside joke that led to my screen name of "Supa Waifu X". It sort of stuck, but I almost wish I had picked a different blog name because I'm not sure it really represents me who I am today.

7. Even though the seasons in Tennessee are split pretty evenly, I am a bootaholic. I am more worried about shoes in the winter because I get the winter-blues. I don't always love having to layer up to keep from freezing. I get bored with my winter clothing since I don't have as much of it and in the past haven't worn many dresses when it's cold... so having a good shoe, boot and belt collection has become my way of fighting the wintery blues and clothing boredom.. 

Tags (Don't feel obligated if you don't want to repost):
eek @ Eek!
Sheila @ Ephemera
Hillary @ Byhillary


  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post!! Thanks for sharing! And I will definitely get to thinking about my own confessions! And thanks for the comment on my post, I admit I was slightly nervous about posting the pictures of my shoes and clothes, and didn't quite know how people would respond! And that outfit is super cute!! I love those shorts! And those boots are totally fabulous, I can see why you've hardly taken them off! And I thought your blog title was pretty cool, but didn't know where it came from! Neat! :)

  2. You look super cute in the shorts with tights!

    I'm also not a dog person. I like other people's dogs, but my MIL would bring her dog to my house when she came to watch my daughter on Mondays and then my house would smell like dog and I'd have dog hair everywhere and UGH.

    But cats...cats I like. :)

    So if you could choose a different blog name, what would you change to?

  3. Melissa - I have actually talked it over with D alot. I'd probably change it to "Megan Mae Daily" since that was D's suggestion.

    I'm sortof still considering doing an informal name change by changing it on the banner and through blogger. The only thing that wouldn't change is the URL name.

  4. Hi hunnie...just trying to catch up on your outfit....the shorts...ahhh....perfect:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  5. Aw, thanks for tagging me! Hopefully I'll catch up on all my blogging reading and comments once I get home, and then tackle the 7 confessions post.

  6. I really love those shorts! It always gets me in the mood to try out the shorts-tights trend. And fab boots! I've probably already said that this week. Thanks for the tag! I'm on it.

  7. I love the shorts with tights!
    And just because it's your URL, it doesn't have to be your blog name... I do like Daily Waifu snapshot, but I never was quite sure what a waifu was lol. I'm thinking of changing mine too... it's one of those things that was created on a whim...
    I like the Idea of Megan Mae Daily, your name is so pretty and melodic sounding!

  8. You pulled off the tights and shorts perfectly! Love it!

    Loved learning more about you! And thank you so much for the tag, I'm gonna fill it out :)


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