Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guilt Shoes

Tie top, Jeans - NY&Co
Tee - Old Navy
Shoes - Fly London, via amazon

Even though I have bought numerous pairs of shoes within the past couple of months, I ended up finding my "holy grail" shoe: a red mid heeled shoe with a closed toe. I found them on Amazon Warehouse. Slashed prices always get me. I'm now banning ebay and amazon from my computer for the rest of 2010.

Even though I cleared out many, many shoes, these are still my guilty shoes. And I decided I could either let them sit in a box being a big waste of money, or I could just get over it and wear them to my heart's content and make them worth it.

My shoe count is now 18 pairs, including the pair I still have up for swap. I think that's a good comfortable number. I like things divisible by 3.

My 3 good thoughts for the day:

1. Corned beef sammiches for lunch
2. Lego Harry Potter on the PS3
3. Perfect weather


  1. I think 18 pairs of shoes is reasonable! Those red ones are divine!

  2. That is wicked reasonable. I donated about 50 pairs last year and it was so cathartic. A ton of them were really cheap from my days in florida and were totally impracticable in Boston and I never wore. I have more like 40 pairs now (urp might be more) but I have cut down the purchasing of them and only get a couple a year now and I do exactly what you say I buy them feel guilty then don't know what to do. My jc clogs are like that. I haven't worn them in like a month and they were some of my most expensive. gah the things we do to our selves.

  3. hahaha I love that you said you like things divisible by three. so funny! But seriously, 18 is a great number. Just the right amount! And those shoes are amazing. Is there anything better than red shoes!? Just the perfect pop of color when you need it!

    Love the layered look today - the tie top is so adorable peeking out the bottom and the neck!

  4. Ooh, need to see the heel - I need a profile shot. I love the colour.

    18 pairs is...good. Controlled. I guess I am used to having a zillion (okay, over 70) pairs.

  5. I totally wish you lived closer so we could go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter together.

    {I'm so tired that the first time I typed that out, I wrote Harry Potty. Whoops.)

    I love the pop of red from the shoes! I ditto what Sheila said, I want to see a profile shot to see the heel.

  6. Super cute!! I LOVE the tie top, and the shoes totally rock!! Hah, online shopping gets me every time too... and shoes are definitely my weak spot. At first I thought that "Guilt" in the title might have been the brand, but really, if you already have them, no sense feeling guilty at all. ;) Oh, and thanks for your thoughts about cameras today!

  7. I know what you mean about feeling guilty about buying things, then they sit in a closet. Part of my project lately has been to clean, organize, and sort my clothing and accessories in a way that I can tell what I have, have easier access to it, and break out the products of my hard-earned money out to the streets!

    Those shoes totally rock, btw.


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