Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday D!

Top - Target
Skirt - Anthro (?)
Pumps - Nine West
Watch - Belk
Earrings - Gift

Today is my Hubby's birthday! We started out with a lunch from our two favorite places. They're both across town but across the street so Hubs grabbed his sushi and we sat down at my favorite Chinese place.

Jon's best friend met us right afterward and I took the boys on a shopping excursion to TJMaxx. A few of Jon's clothes got bleach stains on them (Not my fault!) and so he needed some new work clothes. I managed to find him two lovely button downs, one was even a Calvin Klein, and a pair of wool dress trousers! I'm actually jealous of the pants, they're so lush. I was both proud and sad I didn't buy anything for myself - but it was totally okay because OMG My Audi-Harness is here!

We then hit up the arcade. I bought back up shoes for Dance Dance Revolution. We ended the day there for now, but tomorrow we're having dinner with his parents.

About the outfit - this is one of the two new skirts I got. This one was gotten from Rugged Warehouse, but was on the "Anthropologie" racks. Not sure if it actually is an Anthro brand or not, but it was so freaking swingy and fun - I didn't care for $11.


  1. I love TJMAXX and Marshall's. Your outfit is very nice!

  2. You look so chic! Love the outfit and I wish I have your hair... just perfect!

  3. What a great birthday outfit! I love how your hair brings out the flecks of red in your top :)

  4. Wow, you got an Audi harness! How cool! (I am too boobular for the styles, unfortunately, so sad).

    Love this skirt - it's a classic.

  5. What a cool top! I love the colors in it. I had to click the link to figure out what an Audi Harness is. I have to say that's pretty darn cool! Glad you guys had a fun day. :)

  6. Happy BDay to hunny!!! You look so great in this outfit.....the skirt looks like alot of fun!!!

    Way to put your shopping skills to work...:)

    Have a fabulous day!
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  7. What a great skirt! It hangs so beautifully.

  8. What a smashing ensemble! And can't wait to see how you style your harness ...

  9. Ohhh! I'm so excited for your harness! I think they're super fabulous! And I love this whole outfit! That skirt is amazing! It makes me want to twiiiirl!

  10. You look super sexy in that skirt and tank! Especially with the heels!

    It sounds like you had a great day, I'm glad! Happy birthday to your husband and I hope you enjoy the dinner with his parents, too. :)


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